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"UYWI has been a game-changer. It was the reason why I was able to serve youth in crisis well, because as an urban youth leader I felt believed in and empowered. I went from attending the UYWI National Conference as a youth to becoming an urban youth leader working with at-risk youth, specifically foster youth. The community and the wealth of resources was something that till this day I have not found anywhere else."

Elizabeth Escobar


Instagram - @sheistheosocial
UYWI Certification Program Graduate

For over 25 years, UYWI’s resource partners have made it possible for youth leaders working in urban communities to have the resources and training they need to reach more urban youth with the Gospel and to see the lives of young people transformed by Christ. The work is not done though! We are facing an incredible urgency to reach the next generation!

We know that God has been raising up leaders who have been working and utilizing the strengths of their communities for such a time as this. Our leadership process takes urban leaders at any level and helps them grow to reach more urban youth with the Gospel. Our 2025 objective is to have 15,000 urban leaders within our leadership process that will be actively pursuing and engaging 1,000,000 urban youth.

Urban Allies are resourcing and training urban leaders to be high-capacity, high-impact leaders.


As an Urban Ally, your support helps urban leaders reach this next generation. We believe healthy leaders living Gospel-centered lives, create transformational impact for youth in their communities. Urban Allies are those that give $25 or more each month or a total annual gift of $5,000 or more.

Help us #PursueTheMillion and become an Urban Ally by giving $25, $50, or $100 each month and reach 1 MILLION youth with the Gospel!

Our goal is 40 new Urban Allies before October 1st to provide relevant resources, training, and programs for youth leaders to disciple young people with the Gospel.

In case you missed it

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

In April we launch NXT LVL Leadership coaching.
A program for high-capacity urban leaders who are ready for a more targeted and intensive coaching experience. We are proud to say each of our pilot program participants have reported growth in their organizations and the program had a 90% success rate.

We continue to provide monthly training for our leaders.

We have been facilitating monthly Zoom training where our leaders continue to show up and engage in the calls. Each call has had between 1,800 to 5,700 views via Facebook and YouTube.

We are so grateful for your continued support.

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becoming an Urban Ally.

Did you know?  When you become an Urban Ally, you are stepping from the sidelines and into this movement by committing to being a financial partner. You can join this initiative by contributing at least $25 a month and have your gift go DIRECTLY towards this vision.

Thank you for being part of the UYWI family!

Bless You,
Urban Youth Workers Institute

Get off the sidelines and join the movement.

Become an Urban Ally and #PURSUETHEMILLION

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