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Coaching Call: Leading Change – Larry Acosta

Trainer:  Larry Acosta, Founder/CEO, Urban Youth Workers Institute It has been said that one of the most difficult thing to change is a person’s mind.  However, leaders can not be afraid of change.  How do lead your followers and leaders through change. Are you looking to make changes in your current organization?  Are you experiencing resistance […]


Strategic Partnerships: Connecting the Right People to the Right Strategy – Cheryl Beard

Trainer: Cheryl Beard, Urban Youth Initiative It has been said that Salvation is free, but ministry cost! As ministry leaders it is imperative that we learn how to identify the right people and resources to support the vision that God has entrusted to us. Recruiting and raising support can be one of the most frustrating task […]

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Using Media to Connect the Gospel with Urban Culture – Tommy Kyllonen

Tommy Kyllonen, Crossover Church Corporate profiteers produce and market media for youth audience. The result: Average teens now consume digital media for 72 hours each week and increasingly digest that media online in what the New York Times calls, “Websites Without Rules.” This workshop will provide creative tools and resources to engage this media driven generation. […]


The Amazing Race: How to Create and Maintain a Well Balanced Calendar – Jeff Wallace

Trainer:  Jeff Wallace There’s no doubt that if you’re in ministry, organizing your time and programs while building a team becomes more challenging each week. What if you had a model to help you focus your efforts and even help you evaluate your ministry’s effectiveness? This webinar will help you organize your ministry so that […]


Coaching Call: Lessons My Pastor Never Taught Me – Larry Acosta

Trainer:  Larry Acosta, Founder/CEO Urban Youth Workers Institute Coffee Conversations, without the Coffee:  Leading in the Urban Ministry context can be a lonely road, but it does not have to be.  Could you benefit from the wisdom and experience of leaders that have been in the trenches, been wounded and yet chose to keep pursuing […]


Afflicted But Not Crushed: Building Resiliency in Youth – Amy Pearson

Amy Pearson, On Point As the light streamed into Starbucks, Tyra’s countenance radiated as she recanted ongoing evidence of God setting her free from the addictions which had once enslaved her.   I was awe-struck once again by God’s grace and Tyra’s surrender.  Ironically, that same week, I received a call from Michelle who had […]


Mission Critical: Transforming a Generation One School at a Time – Jeremy Del Rio

Trainer: Jeremy Del Rio, Co-Founder and Executive Director, 20/20 Vision for Schools Nationally, the average graduate from a low-income school district reads at an eight grade level. Yet fewer than 50% of students actually graduate from those districts. Should we reasonably expect them to be transformed by the written word of God if they are […]


40 Ways to Impact Your Kids and Community – Kara Powell

Dr. Kara Powell,  Fuller Youth Institute In the midst of fractured families, broken schools, and violent neighborhoods, kids today need more from us than a Bible study and a prayerful pat on the back.  Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets as well as research from the Fuller Youth Institute offer an invaluable set of tools to help […]


Leading Beyond Fumes: You.. Better, Healthier, Stronger – Larry Acosta

Trainer: Larry Acosta, Founder/CEO, Urban Youth Workers Institute Why do I feel so overwhelmed, depleted and ineffective at balancing family, life and ministry?  Your CALL to urban youth ministry was never meant to be at the expense of your own spirit, soul, heart, health and family!  We ALL feel the pressure of leading at the […]