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Beyond Branding: Demonstrating the Kingdom of God in and through Your Youth Ministry – Jeremy Del Rio

Taught by Jeremy Del Rio Youth workers talk big, and promise #LifeChange more than we produce changed lives. Social media has made it easier than ever to hype events and market ministries. What to do when reality fails to match our rhetoric? Let’s explore how to align our mission, message, and methods as an answer […]


The Messy Art of Helping Hurting Kids – Jamie Kovich

Taught by Jamie Kovich Hurting kids come in different forms: Parents divorce, a friend commits suicide, they get bullied at school, family members struggle with addiction, physical or sexual abuse as been forced upon them…The list goes on. When students are left to navigate through these things alone, they often turn to destructive behaviors which […]


7 Ways to Impact Your Local School Campus This Fall – Nate Landis & Jackie Gichohi

Trainers: Nate Landis & Jackie Gichohi As we look forward to the upcoming school year, Nate will share effective strategies and tips for impacting the lives of students on public school campuses.  Jackie will share from her experience building good relationships and working with administrators and Principals. Additional Resources: 40AssetsList Christian Educators Association International Urban […]


Dangerous Intersections: Helping Youth Make a Connection Between Faith and Life – Marvin Daniels

Trainer: Marvin Daniels, Kids Across America The greatest struggle and hindrance in the discipleship process of youth is the disconnection between faith and life. This webinar will identify the dangerous intersections that prevent youth from making this connection and provide methods that will assist youth in the engagement of their faith in all areas of […]


Financial Life Skills for Urban Youth – Jenni Ingram & Heather Starnes

Trainers: Jenni Ingram & Heather Starnes, FutureProfits Teaching life economics to urban youth not only affects students individually, but also impacts their entire community. Many students suffer under the effects of systemic and generational poverty. This webinar discusses how to break destructive patterns regarding financial, career and life choices. The presenters also explain how to […]


Engaging Churches and Schools – Richard Bumpers

Trainer: Richard Bumpers Separation of Church and State has caused many ministries to withdraw from the local school. Yet, the church’s involvement in the education sector is paramount to the future of our country. This webinar will equip the leader with how to penetrate the public school campus. Additional Resources: Faith Summit Video: HigherEd […]


5 Ways to Effectively Engage Your Community – Rudy Carrasco

Trainer: Rudy Carrasco Mobilize your circle of influence (your friends, your youth, your supporters, your volunteers) to serve where your community needs it most. Schools, churches, social service agencies, businesses and civic groups all welcome your partnership, especially when you know how to scratch where they itch.  Learn the 5 Ways to Effectively Engage Your […]


5 F’s to Jumpstart Your Year – Larry Acosta and Milton Campbell

Trainers: Larry Acosta and Milton Campbell, Urban Youth Workers Institute Every year, we go through this cycle of setting New Year’s Resolutions. The reality is that most resolutions are quickly abandoned.  In this webinar Larry Acosta and Milton Campbell will share the 5 F’s that leaders should seek to master every year.  We will share […]


Real Holistic Ministry: Getting the Big Picture – Dean Borgman

Trainer:  Dean Borgman, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Throughout his ministry, as Jesus interacted with lepers, prostitutes, Samaritans, Romans and many others, he was very aware of the cultural contexts of those individuals he cared for. In this webinar, we will explore the Biblical understanding of Holistic Ministry as it relates to the context in which youth […]


Adapting Suburban Bible Studies for an Urban Context – Wendell Martin

Trainer:  Wendell Martin,  Ignite Ministries One of the challenges of urban ministry is finding relevant content that connects to the heart and reality of urban students. Is there a formula to help you “urbanize” what is available? This webinar will provide practical steps urban leaders can take to adapt existing content for urban students. Additional Resources: Ignite […]


Developing Your 4th-Quarter Fundraising Gameplan – Larry Acosta

Trainer:  Larry Acosta,  Founder, Urban Youth Workers Institute Fundraising can be a scary experience for most urban leaders.  For those serving in underserved and under-resourced communities, it is vital to your success.  How do you attract the right partners to help fund the work God has called you to do?  This webinar will provide practical idea […]