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Everflowing or Everdraining Ministry?

Does your ministry overflow out of your family life or just suck your family dry? What if having a ‘successful’ family and ministry isn’t about achieving balance but, instead, a radical imbalance? Join bestselling author Michael DiMarco for this free-flowing conversation on the health of you, your family, and your ministry. taught by  Michael Dimarco – Hungry Planet  […]


Youth-Adult Partnerships: A Community Development Strategy

Have you ever wondered why young people in your community don’t seem to care or get involved in community projects? No YAPs. Youth-adult partnerships (YAP) are part of a strategy for youth development and community development that take the participation and ownership of young people seriously. This interactive session is a practical overview of an […]


Jesuz in Hollywood: Exploring the Intersection of Faith, Film & the Profane for Urban Ministry

This generation of youth are media savvy. Moreover, they are connected in narrative through film and television. Have you ever seen a film and wondered what the meaning was within? Why is it that so many from the Hip Hop Generation love films such as Scarface, Hostel, and Silent Hill? Is there any “Jesus” in […]