Youth-Adult Partnerships: A Community Development Strategy

Have you ever wondered why young people in your community don’t seem to care or get involved in community projects? No YAPs. Youth-adult partnerships (YAP) are part of a strategy for youth development and community development that take the participation and ownership of young people seriously. This interactive session is a practical overview of an exciting process that engages adults and youth together as agents of change in your neighborhood, and takes a deeper look into the stereotypes and prejudices that limit youth-adult partnerships. Participants will gain skills to bring more members of their organization and community on board – helping adults not to fear or patronize youth engaged in these partnerships. When students partner with adults in the process of planning, programming and evaluating projects, their level of engagement changes. The students themselves change. The community changes. Find out how YAPs work and how you can get them.

taught by  Carla LaFayette – World Vision

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