Crib Notes: General Session with Harvey Carey

Legacy People, Harvey Carey

Friday Night General Session

MLK would be horrified by how we’ve reduced his legacy. He was about more than a day off from work and school to shop and play.

Elijah / Elisha (2 Kings 2:1-17)
To our forefathers: I am who I am because of you. I can’t be who I’m supposed to be without who you are.

Are you loyal / committed or are you using youth ministry as a stepping-stone to something else? Your kids know if they’re being used.

Legacy comes with benefits.

“I’m the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” He defined himself generationally. The movement of God is bigger than one generation.

Even though God moved with MLK and Mandela, etc, he wants to move with us too. He’s a multi-generational God.

Will we become legacy minded?

You cannot earn the prize of legacy when you have not passed the test of consistency.

Are you consistent? Do you have integrity? Are you unchanging? Consistency earns the right to receive the legacy. Elijah says to Elisha: what can I do for you?

Elisha: I want to be able to take what you did to the next level. I want to build on what you did. So give me a double-portion of your anointing.

What do you want out of your life in relationship to their lives?

Does your youth ministry calendar look like a trip calendar?

Why are the worst kids in our youth groups the leaders’ kids?

It’s a sin to be a boring youth leader. Jesus was a crowd drawer because he had life.

Why would you want double? Because legacy surpasses what came before.

Legacy means the next generation upgrades. Did you come to upgrade?

Elijah: If you keep your eyes on me, you’ll get it. If you take your eyes off me, you won’t get it. Do you believe he could do the chariot of fire again? He’s the same God yesterday, today, and forever. We will not be legacy people if we do not believe he can do today what he did yesterday.

Time to stop having church and time to start being the church.

Chariot takes Elijah from the presence of Elisha. His mentor, his identity was gone. What happens when the leader is gone? He mourned because the generation that blessed him had passed away.

Legacy people aren’t content with pizza and a movie and Chronicles of Narnia.

Elisha got a revelation in the midst of his mourning. He realized what Elijah said. He washed his tears and grabbed the mantle that fell. He wrapped himself in the mantle of the previous generation.

He approaches the same river as Elijah. Says: “What you did for Elijah, I expect you to do for me.” God removes the water, he walks through, and tells the younger prophets: “What’s up?!?”

Forget the holiday to memorialize. Choose to walk in the legacy of the prior generation.

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