Devotional: The Power of Sacrifice

by | Jan 23, 2013 | Blog

power buttonSacrifice is an intriguing term. The value of it’s meaning is hugely dependent upon the context of its use. When you first hear the word, what might quickly come to mind is loss. I give up something of value. If you are playing the game of chess, it defines a strategic move that will ultimately lead to one having the upper hand. Its use in Scripture means an offering to God. Sacrifice is only as valuable as the recipient that one is making a sacrifice too.  For the skilled chess player, sacrifice is appreciated when you reach your goal of audibly declaring to your opponent, “Check Mate”.  The Bible makes it clear that believers are to present their bodies as a living sacrifice, and calls that reasonable.  The thing about a living sacrifice is that it has a tendency to crawl off the alter.

There is a Kingdom multiplier that kicks in when we sacrifice for the King. This is a mathematical equation that defies the laws of nature. For instance, how can you give away and yet end up with more; or how can you release control and end up with more power.  This is a mystery that only makes sense when you see sacrifice with a Kingdom perspective. Jesus declares in John 12:24, “unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.” Jesus uses a natural process to explain a Kingdom principle. In farming, a seed must die to its original state before it can yield a harvest. What is interesting about a seed is that all of its potential is already there but can not be unleashed until it is buried and tested. So it is with believers, God has planted His greatness inside of us, but it will not be unleashed until we bury our pride, self-righteousness, personal agenda and any other yearning that does not produce the fruit of righteousness.

UYWI has been blessed to serve some of the most selfless Kingdom leaders of our day. These leaders are making immeasurable sacrifices to stand in the gap for disenfranchised youth.  We could not serve them without the support of partners like you. Thank you for helping us to experience firsthand the Kingdom multiplier of sacrificial giving!


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