Fatherless Generation 1 – Larry Acosta

by | Jan 8, 2010 | Blog


  1. Ed Salas

    hey larry, this is a great word. thank you. also, if i may add a thought – for those that have access deep level healing prayer, this can be a huge game changer. for those in the so. cal, newsong is a place were we can offer this ministry; well trained, safe leaders that are skilled in this unique, powerful and life-changing experience. every blessing to you my brother (from another mother), ed

  2. Dan Hodge

    Excellent work here Larry! Keep it up! Having not seen my dad since 1982, this hits home! Keep up that ministry! There are a lot of men out there who are in need of this critical piece of development in their faith.


  3. Rick Johnson

    Good advice. You have practiced what you shared.

  4. Donna Perkins

    Thanks for your honesty and the recommendation of the book, I’ll have to read it!


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