From Camp to Church Plant

Byron, a recent graduate of the 90 Degrees Certification Program, is launching a youth church in the West Adams neighborhood of South Los Angeles. When Byron was fifteen-years-old he was brought to The Oaks Camp and Conference Center by youth workers from the World Impact Teen Center. I happened to be the speaker that weekend, and Bryon was one of the campers that received Christ.

Throughout his high school years, he was walked with daily by Directors, Susie and Marcos Gamez, and their ministry team. He was intentionally discipled by Bryan Cullison and was given leadership opportunities by teammates, Scott and Gina Quay, Lindsay Leiva, Jessica and Abraham Rivas, Sheila Guevara, Helen Carrillo, and Edwin Granados. These leaders saw God’s calling on Byron’s life to be a pastor, and today he is stepping into that calling under the leadership of his pastoral mentor, Peter Watts, and the new Generation of Teen Center Directors, Erron and Lorraina Harris.

It takes a community of Kingdom leaders to pour into the lives of our youth and see them become who they were meant to be. Each one of those leaders has been a part of our community here at UYWI for nearly ten years. We connect, learn, grow and lead together for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.

Becoming the leader you were created to be is a difficult thing. Doing it while working other jobs, dealing with trauma, and loving youth that are hurt can feel impossible. That is why UYWI is here to walk with you– to help you GROW your capacity and your impact in the inner city. Your youth desperately need healthy leaders to show them what is possible in and through Christ. For 25 years we have been honored to resource, train and develop you into the leader God created you to be.

Our 90 Degrees Certification program will help you GROW your capacity and impact. Our New York and LA cohorts have just started but here is the good news. We have created and launched 90 Degrees online! The same great content at a 1/3 of the price. GROW your capacity and impact and sign up today.

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