Jesuz, Film, & Hip Hop: Cultivating The Gospel within Film & Hip Hop in Post Soul America to Engage the Mosaic Generation (18-29)

by | Dec 12, 2013 | The Well: Webinars & Coaching Calls

Taught by Daniel White Hodge, NorthPark University

Jesus. Hip Hop. Film. The Gospel. What do they have in common? Moreover, how do they all connect to reach a new generation of young people? Check out Daniel White Hodge as he explores the Christological significance within film and Hip Hop in order to generate conversations, pathways, and inroads to a new generation of young people.

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  1. EagleMind

    Movies, Music, and the Messiah 🙂 🙂 🙂
    … bad guy wins … What does it mean to be a winner ? Fight the right fight !
    … we wear a lot of make up / church clothes … etc. Do we want band aides and bubble gum or solutions and salvation ? Some times we gotta be naked and learn not to be embarrassed…
    … pg Christians … Can we stand the rain ? Jesus’ feet touched the dirt…His blood, sweat, & tears made mud.
    …Jesus tells the rich man … one thing you lack … sell your possessions … He doesn’t say trash or abandon them … buy & sell // rcv & give // believe & reject // eat & forget …
    …Special effects allow us to shape mental thought pictures of demons, angels, & the invisible energies
    …Fishing requires the right bait … and different ponds require different tools and methodologies
    …We were born N 2 da battle… is we ready !?!


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