Mentoring Young Men – ManHood Camp

On August 2-3, 150 middle and high school youth and their leaders gathered at Biola University for our 2-day ManHood Camp – an event designed to help urban young men gain practical wisdom, inspiration and tools for becoming the men God created them to be. Our team of dynamic speakers shared valuable insights regarding purity, discipline, character, how to treat a woman, healthy masculinity, breaking generational patterns and so much more. Young men were challenged to overcome the pain of their “father-wound” and to dare to allow God to re-write their future. The valuable knowledge and insights these youth received was truly transformational and will have a long lasting impact on their character, discipline and spiritual growth. Below are some highlights from the event:

“There is healing in community. Manhood is truth. I was challenged to deal with forgiving others and to focus on the strengths that God has placed in me instead of focusing on my weaknesses.” Kevin Nickerson, Mission Ebenezer Family Church, Carson, CA

“I was challenged in the area of integrity to be a man of truth and character, accountability, vision, discipline and influence. I was challenged to be the man God created me to be and to have accountability.” Jay Relayo, Church of Elohim, Carson, CA

“I have learned self-control skills and the importance of guarding my heart from outside influences. I want to be a parent to my children that can discipline them, show them the right path, but also a husband that shows love and respect. The manhood camp is a great outlet for young men ready to learn.” Jordan Henderson, Faith Worship Center Ministries

“I learned how to forgive and not to let my “father-wound” define who and what kind of man I become.” Timmy Baker, Faith Worship Center, Antioch, CA

“I was inspired to forgive and also treat a woman the way Jesus treats the Church. I want to become a man that truly loves and provides for my family and is always there for them.” Eugene Finley, Judson Baptist Church, San Bernardino, CA

“Poverty has held up my past generations and my plan is to break that chain and add a new one so that I do not remain stuck in the same chain. My dream is to become a man who will always stand tall in withstanding any obstacles in my way.”

“I was challenged to let fear go and take risks in my life and let go of pain and forgive those that wronged me. I’d like to find accountability and be the father that will love and cherish my family.” Anthony Amas, Judson Baptist Church, San Bernardino, CA

“I was inspired to grow in humility and in respecting others. My dream is to become a man after God’s own heart, to love my wife like Jesus loved the Church and to be an example to my children on how to treat women. It was a great time of learning.”

“I learned the power of humility the need for accountability and how to guard my mind.” Randolph Patchen, Judson Baptist Church, San Bernardino, CA

“I was challenged to grow in integrity and forgiveness. It is a great program for young men to find the inner man within themselves through Christ.” Jeffrey Paralejas, Church of Elohim, Carson, CA

“I was inspired to grow in integrity and self-control.  My dream is to be a father and man that models Jesus and one that loves his wife more than himself.” Justin Cruz, 7th Street Church, Long Beach, CA


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