Money, Love, Money

Chip, stash, bank roll, Benjamins, C-Notes. Whatever you call it, teenagers love to get & spend money— on concerts, clothes, shoes, food, and of course, music. But when it comes to giving money, the love affair dwindles. Teenage giving should be a priority, not to have money in your budget, rather to teach young people to obey God’s word by honoring him with their finances.

Here are a few points on how to receive an effective offering in your youth ministry:

Keep It Short – It is not the length of the offering that makes the impact. You should know the point you are trying to communicate and be able to summarize it in 2-3 sentences or between 2-3 minutes.

Keep It Simple – You must remember that it is an offering exhortation, not an offering message. All you need to support your point is one simple scripture, not three, four or five of them.

Paint a Picture – This can be done through illustrations, stories, statistics or object lessons. The more they see, hear and interact with your offering, the more they will remember. As youth ministers, we have a responsibility to teach young people not just about money, but how to love to give, and that when they give, God will bless them in return.

“Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives the ability to produce wealth.” ~Deuteronomy 8:18

Click Here– to watch a video on ways we can promote teenage giving:


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