One Response to “Motivational Monday: “Boys R Us” by Swoope”

  1. Ben 08/09/2012 at 4:19 pm #

    This song is a call to everybody: from young adulthood all the way to those in their 80s. We live in a world where everybody lives like little kids: get what i can get for me, cause I’m the one that matters most in my life. That’s all cool, but not if you call yourself a Christian, cause if you do, you’re claiming Christ as your King, which means you ain’t number one. We gotta stop living for our ourselves and serve our God. We gotta wake up, grow up, and man up. We’ve been freed by the God who keeps us alive, so drop the pretenses, drop the ideologies, and let your love flow to your Savior, not these hollow passions you’ve been pursuing. We gotta kill the kid inside us and get desperate for the King in front of us. That’s when you stop being a kid; that’s when you become a fully grown man/woman of the Lord, which is how He initially made us in the first place.

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