Nothing Like Thank You from a Former Student

Johnny Rivera (rt, middle) and other Xcel Service Corps. graduates after reciting the Xcel Community Pledge

This morning I had a pleasant surprise when my FaceBook newsfeed included this Note from a former student.

Community Pledge

I remember being 15 years old when I first recited this pledge to the instructors at Xcel. Today, this community pledge still remains part of the foundation of who I am and the values I strive to live by every single day.

“I am committed to becoming a first rate community leader who strives for personal and professional excellence in everything I do. I will approach problems as opportunities for victory. I will never use lack as an excuse for failure instead, use what resources I have and watch them grow into more. I will take initiative and lead others by my life’s example. I will be resilient never allowing short-term defeats to break my spirit. I will endeavor to unite my efforts with others to transform both my life and my community as well.”

Every day I will continue to recite this pledge and ask myself these questions:

  1. “Am I striving for perfection in both my personal and professional life?”
  2. “Am I looking at problems in a positive viewpoint to create win-win solutions?”
  3. “Am I using the resources I have and being grateful instead of complaining about what I lack?”
  4. “Am I giving back to my community and leading by example?”
  5. “Am I fighting to change and be resilient despite small failures in my life?”
  6. “Am I collaborating with others to change my life and impact those around me?”

Thank you to all those who have supported me and continue to support me as I rebuild and reconnect with a resilient spirit. One important lesson I have learned this year is that as much as I love to help others, I also need to ask for support and take my life step-by-step. Peace and Love.

Johnny is a twenty-something college student and entrepreneur whose appreciation reverberated through cyberspace today. So glad to see him giving to others what he received as a student leader at Generation Xcel.  Thanks, Johnny, for reminding me why youth workers do what we do.

What pledges are you making to your students and encouraging them to make in the community around them?

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