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In the society we live in today, we always seem to be human doings instead of human beings. So what’s the answer to this dilemma, you might ask? Get another gadget! YOU NEED A COMPUTER! Think of what you could do:

– Type your sermon notes
– Create flyers
– Maintain an address database

Ask around for someone’s old 386pc with a basic word processing program to get you started. Remember, no need to be afraid of them, they’re only machines, and you have the ultimate power to reach out and turn it off when it aggravates you with those weird error messages. For those who have their WWWings, check out these free e-mail programs:

– Hotmail
– Lycos Email
– Rocketmail
– Juno

JUNO is advertiser-supported and doesn’t cost you a single centavo to get a bona fide e-mail address. For the youth sleuth on the go, Look into the PIM (Pocket Information Managers) by Casio, NEC, Sharp, HP, Psion, and others. These little pocket rockets have built in modems, fax software, and internet access. Before I go, check out

Giga Bendiciones!
Pastor Gadget Max Torres


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