Sex and Dating

The church and urban youth workers sometimes have a hard time talking about this subject of sex and dating. We wanted to give you a guide you can use today in your own youth group. These tools can help you discuss this topic that some might be hesitant to bring up.

Luma Haddad is a Young Life area director from San Diego, California. She has served in the same area for the past 20 years. Here is a powerful overview and practical steps how she engages her students through the topic Sex and Dating.

Let ‘em Know 
Let your teens know that on this certain day you guys are going to talk about “sex and dating.” This helps them know it’s more than a regular youth group meeting or a discipleship study.

Choose Your Panel
Approach people your students know and invite them to be on the panel for the gathering. Be sure to find people that have different stories (ex. single parent, virgin college student, teen mom)

Let Students Be Involved
Hand out a paper & pen to your students. Prepare 3 questions for them to answer and then have them they write down 1 anonymous question to the panel. Ask for crowd participation in answering the three questions and then you give biblical answers.

Q & A with panel speakers
Collect all anonymous questions from students and present them to the panel. Take your time validating the responses and tying it back to how God intended sex to be.

Take the Discussion Further
Share about the physical, emotional, social and spiritual implications that surround Sex and Dating.

For an in-depth understanding of how this conversation could take place, watch the full training video below.

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