From 13 students to 3,000 students

We help LAUNCH leaders by platforming them so they can have the greatest impact with urban youth. Jeremy Del Rio has been connected with UYWI for over 15 years. Throughout those years, Jeremy has journeyed through our entire process: connect, learn, grow, lead, and launch. It was through the UYWI community of leaders that opportunities were given to Jeremy to lead trainings, teach workshops, and speak on main stages across the nation. This was a part of God’s story that was being formed in Jeremy’s life.

Jeremy has been able to fully step into the calling that God has placed on his life, and he now leads an organization called Thrive Collective. Thrive Collective reaches over 3,000 students in New York City yearly with the help and support of many others that were a part of UYWI. The community and network formed through UYWI was a huge part of seeing this kingdom dream come to a reality. Watch the full story below to see the impact that Jeremy is having on urban youth.

We are here to help LAUNCH leaders like you be all that God created you to be. We want to make sure that you are at your highest capacity and are having the highest impact in the Kingdom of God. We believe in the calling that God has placed on your life and we want to continue to support you by LAUNCHING you into the areas you are being called into.

For the last 3 months, we have been sharing stories to show the power of the gospel in and through the work you are doing. Our calling is to make sure that our leaders have the resources, training, and development that they need in order to reach more urban youth with the gospel. We do this through our process of connect, learn, grow, lead, and LAUNCH.

It takes a community to support amazing leaders like you who work and produce results that speak for themselves. Jeremy and so many of you stand in the gap for youth across the nation. We want to see that level of leadership become the norm. Give today so that we can help urban leaders reach more youth.

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  1. manny orozco on April 2, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    What an amazing story. This testimony inspires me to get active in my community. Thank you for sharing!

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