SPOTLIGHT- 90 Degrees Certification Program is growing!

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Blog

What an incredible journey it has been to walk alongside youth workers from across the country for a year-long urban leadership training program.  To date, 3 cohorts have completed & graduated the 90 Degrees Certification Program [Los Angeles & Atlanta]. We currently have 2 more cohorts underway [Los Angeles & Oakland].

It doesn’t stop there… 2 new cohorts are launching in LA and in New York in September (& more cities to come)!!

P.S. LA & NY… its not too late to apply (Click Here).



“Some of the struggles that our youth face are: gangs, drugs, broken homes, which as a result lead to dropping out of school and not reaching their full potential. One of the things I love about UYWI is I’m constantly being challenged. From the time I joined the 90 Degrees Program, I have seen just how much God has really transformed me. I can honestly say I’m walking away being a completely different person, a completely new person in Christ.”
Michael, Hollywood, CA

“UYWI has been pouring into my life through the 90 Degrees program and the mentorship I receive. UYWI has challenged me to lead a solid disciple-making ministry, to practice healthy boundaries and to build teams so that I don’t burn out.  I have learned to build and structure a healthy youth ministry. I’ve also acquired tools to help me get in my local junior high and high schools so that I can make a greater impact on un-churched students.”
Jose, Riverside CA

“I am most thankful for the community of fellow ministers, provided to me by UYWI’s 90 Degrees Certification program.  This program helped me out of the isolation that often sets in for those in ministry, and allowed me to hear from others who are in the same work.  The others in the class; their questions, their insights, their experiences, their successes made all the quality teaching we received much richer, and their failures were all valuable to my own learning.”
Johnny, Monterey Park, CA


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