Using the Streetlights Urban Multimedia Bible to Engage Students With God’s Word – Esteban Shedd

by | Nov 18, 2013 | The Well: Webinars & Coaching Calls

Taught by Esteban Shedd, Streetlights Bible

How do you engage others with God’s Word? Illiteracy, biblical illiteracy and many other road blocks present difficult obstacles to overcome when attempting to engage our culture with God’s Word. That is why Streetlights Multi-media Bible was birthed – to help bridge these gaps. Streetlights is an Urban Multimedia Bible, using audio, video and curriculum components to communicate the authentic Word of God. Through these relevant and engaging formats, people of all literacy levels will be able to hear, understand, and internalize the Word of God. Come check out this session to see how you can better engage the culture.


Videos played during webinar


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