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Somewhat Out of Control

A Youth Pastor Shares His Story About How Sexual Sin Ruined His Life, Family and Ministry BY ANONYMOUS “We need to talk.” These were the four most frightening words anyone could say to me. The questions would fly through my mind: “What did they know?” “Did one of the girls tell?” “Were they suspicious?” I […]

Interview with Jaci Velasquez

To hear Jaci Velasquez share her vision is to be given hope again. To hear her sing it, as in the case of her message of abstinence (on “I Promise”) is to be renewed and inspired to share it with someone else. That’s the way her ministry works, naturally, as she lives it out in […]

Off the Record

BY DAN MONTEVERDE Youth today, especially the Hispanic youth we work with, love music. If we are not in agreement on this issue we will be hard pressed to agree on many other things other than the Lordship of Christ and his imminent return. If you want to know where a kid is socially, emotionally […]

Liderazgo en Acción: Wendy Calderon, Sonny Arguinzoni, Jr., and Richard Hinojosa

WENDY CALDERON Wendy Andrea Calderón, a Colombian-American, is an exceptional and well respected leader in the metropolitan New York Christian community. She accepted the Lord during her freshman year at Brown University and entered full-time youth ministry upon graduation. Wendy is an ordained minister and serves as the Executive Director of Urban Youth Alliance. Urban […]

More Singles in Ministry

BY DINA GONZALEZ “Love” is the word engraved on a ring that I wear on my hand. I cannot tell you how many rings I have given away to some of the youth in my youth group, friends, or young people who have chosen to vow to a life a sexual purity until marriage. But […]

Balancing Marriage and Ministry

BY CHARLIE AND BETTY RIVERA It was a beautiful sunny day and we had just arrived home from Sunday morning service. Our plans were to spend Sunday afternoon together in our apartment eating sandwiches, watching a little TV, and then cozying up to take a short nap before returning to church for the evening service. […]

Can Life Partners Work Together?

BY HIRAM AND ELIZABETH RIOS Divorce and separation are rampant. Statistics show that over half of marriages today end in divorce. Unfortunately, these statistics are just as high for evangelicals as the rest of the population. For those of us in ministry, we know how easily the demands of ministry can take their toll on […]

From the Editor

SHOUT is striving to be a resource for Latino youth leaders who are tired of youth ministry as usual and who desire to take youth ministry to the next level. In fact, H.Y.M.N. (Hispanic Youth Ministry Network) is a network of Latino leaders who are visionary transformational leaders, striving to reclaim what some have called […]

Una Amistad que Libera

BY LUCAS LEYS Hay veces que cada uno de nosotros necesitamos experimentar la autoridad de Dios a través de alguien de carne y hueso. Es cierto que es dificil encontrar la persona adecuada para hacerlo pero lo cierto es que cada pastor o lider debería ser alguien tan confiable como para contarle hasta los pecados […]

Transforming a Community from the Inside Out

BY ALEXIE M. TORRES When residents of the Soundview section of the Bronx decided that their community had suffered enough from the growing drug trade in their neighborhood, nearly 400 of them rallied in October of 1992 for an anti-drug march, organized and led by the youth group of Holy Cross Church. The marchers, representing […]

Growing Your Youth Ministry

BY BENNY PEREZ Throughout my years of youth ministry I have had the opportunity to see God grow two local church youth ministries. I write this article not as an expert on growth, but as one who is still learning and growing as well. However, I have seen the Lord grow one ministry from 18 […]

Liderazgo en Accion

PETE CONTRERAS Pete Contreras grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles, California. His parents were married for about four years before they got a divorce. Pete and his brother lived with his dad and his mom soon remarried. In 1970, while only 7, Pete’s mom and half brother were murdered by his mom’s […]