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Misiones y Servicio

BY JEFFREY DE LEON En el ministerio juvenil existen algunas cosas que realmente traerán vida a tu grupo de jòvenes. Las Misiones y el Servicio son ingredientes indispensables para un ministerio juvenil dinámico. La mayoría de nosotros hemos escuchado el reto de la Gran Comisión (Mateo 28:16-20). Hoy en día debemos seriamente considerar como podemos […]

Boys to Men: A Ceremony to Celebrate

When does a boy become a man? Ask anyone and you will receive a variety of responses. At fifteen years old, one of the local gangs, the Warlords, made me believe that joining their club would make me a man. After I fought several of them in my initiation these guys praised me, made me […]

Unidos Always

BY DR. JESSE MIRANDA Recently I was reading in The Daily Bread, a devotional guide of millions of believers. That day’s selection mentioned that during the El Ni√±o winter storms, the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest region suffered great damage. The writer informs readers how the gale force winds leveled acres of trees; the […]

Investing in Your Youth

BY MARVIN JACOBO The young people of your church will catch the cell vision and principles sooner than the adults. Experience has taught us that the older the person, the greater their allegiance to program-driven institutions. In contrast, the young generation has no emotional ties to conventions and agendas. The youth will grab new ministry […]

Developing a Servant’s Heart

BY ROGER FELIPE There is a heightened concentration today on the subject of leadership. Conferences, books, tapes and sermons abound on the issue. Leadership is expressed in different avenues of life. There is corporate leadership and church leadership. Leadership on the level of student government, and the White House too. Leadership, or the lack there […]

Reaching Hispanic Gen X

BY RUDY CARRASCO Christian leaders burdened with ministry to Hispanic youth must solve the riddle of Hispanic Generation X. By Hispanic Generation X, I refer to Hispanics living in the United States born between 1961 and 1981. I realize that Gen. X is not just about an age, but rather it’s really about an attitude, […]