The Impact of Media Saturation on Youth

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Partner Blog

Internet- iPhone- iPad’s, Facebook- Twitter- …. you name it!

It is amazing how much the media is shaping our worldview and that of the next generation. Today’s media is becoming increasingly violent and profane. Research has shown that contemporary teens are more desensitized to violence and sex than previous generations, which makes them more accepting of these behaviors and more willing to watch media with more sexual and violent content.

In today’s media saturated society, it is crucial to spend time talking with our kids about the dangers of the Internet—establishing boundaries and helping them understand that what they do in social media can have real-world consequences.

Since electronic media is NOT going away how does its’ overwhelming presence impact the lives of the youth we serve during the most crucial stages of life?

  • 93% of teenagers 12-17 are online—the largest percentage of any age group.
  • Only 8% of families with teens have no computer, and only 4% of homes with computers don’t have access to      Internet.
  • 80% of teens 12-17 own a game console.
  • 75% of all teens have a cell phone.
  • A typical teen sends about 50 texts per day.
  • Most teen cell phone users make 1-5 calls per day.
  • 31% of teens who take their phones to school send text messages every day during class time.
  • 73% of teens are on social Internet sites (like Facebook).

**Pew Search Institute

As part of our 90 Degrees Certification Program, leaders take part in a course on Making Sense of Technology & Media where they receive practical tools and strategies to help guide their youth as they navigate the treacherous waters of a media saturated society.

Because of your prayers and generous investment, we are able to equip youth workers with the training and resources they need so that they are better equipped in youth ministry. I pray you will continue to journey with us as we carry-out our mission: For urban youth have the leaders and role models they need to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With appreciation,

Maria Chavez
VP of Strategy & Execution

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  1. David Munoz

    Dear Maria,

    My name is David Munoz. I grew up in El Sereno, CA but I went to Our Lady Help of Christians Grammar School in Lincoln Heights. I went to Cathedral High School when I graduated.

    Kids growing up in Lincoln Heights and cities like El Sereno are definitely at risk. I’m 62 years old now and there were gang problems then and there will, in all probability, always be gang problems.
    The problems are many, and the solutions are complex to say the least. I’m gratified to see that you are a Christian Organization because God has all the answers because he is the answer. Keep fighting the good fight Maria, May God bless you with wisdom and surround you with his love, mercy and grace. David


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