To Develop a Movement, Start With Yourself – Part 2

by | Nov 4, 2011 | Blog

This is Part 2 of 3 in a series by Maina Mwaura.  Read Part 1 here.

Sometimes the hardest movement to start and lead is the movement within us.  It has been very well quoted that you can’t lead people where you haven’t been. As we begin our time together, how are you at leading yourself?

In John chapter 1,  when Jesus was calling out the twelve disciples He is very clear with them that if they’re going to follow Him then  they’re going to  have to know who their following and what they want of Him.   In other words they had to be able to lead themselves. Jesus asked them a couple times questions like “What do you want”? And “Come and see?,  just to name a few within this passage.

If you’re going to lead yourself I believe we have to answer the same questions the disciples had to answer.

  1. Are you following Jesus? I know you are thinking this is pretty basic. But really, are you following Jesus are yourself?  I wonder before Jesus found the 12 men who followed Him were there some who said no. One of the greatest mistakes we could make is to think we are following Christ and we are not.
  2. Are you letting your past dictate what God can do?

Stephen Arterburn states in his latest book, Walking Into Walls. “The walls that hold us back are often constructions built in our own minds from incomplete or misunderstood pieces of reality and combined half-truths woven together in a way that builds a false perception of the truth. In that sense, what often stop us are barriers that aren’t really there.”

  1. What do you want? I know another basic question. What do you really want from God? If you’re going to lead from within you need to be able to ask God what you want and trust Him to do the rest.

I believe that if we start by answering these 3 basic questions we will be ready to come and see.

….Continue to Part 3.



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