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Caleb Reed is the Executive Director of Aim Right Ministries in Phoenix Arizona, and the idea of Big Holy Audacious Goal (BHAG) has stuck with him ever since he learned about it in the UYWI 90 Degrees Certification Program.

In 2017, he was creating his strategic plan for the year and the concept of a BHAG was front and center in his mind. At the time, Aim Right was working with about 300 students a week. Caleb boldly set a goal of working with 600 students a week by the end of 2017. He didn’t reach that goal; In fact, there were several staff changes and challenges and numbers started to go down. The goal seemed unreachable, but God had a different plan of honoring that BHAG.

Garfield Elementary School sits across the street from the church that Aim Right uses as its facility. For years, there had been a disconnect between the school and Aim Right. Caleb recalls being challenged through 90 Degrees to engage the broader community to make a deeper impact. A year ago, he walked across the street and simply asked how they could serve the school.

Aim Right’s dedication to serving Garfield Elementary has grown into an amazing partnership. Now Caleb walks the school grounds freely and Aim Right is officially recognized as a community partner by the school district. The Principal has committed to sponsoring 25 students to go to camp with Aim Right. Recently they were given an award from Garfield for their service to the school. They are no longer “the church across the street” but a beloved partner whose value is seen as integral in the continued transformation of their students.

“They are no longer the church across the street but a beloved partner whose value is seen as integral in the continued transformation of their students.”
– Garfield Elementary School

Aim Right is now doing programming at Garfield and has been asked to start an after-school program there this fall.

Caleb says, “Without being challenged through 90 Degrees to set BHAGs, and to reach out to schools, this would not have happened.”

Counting the students in the Aim Right program, plus the students at Garfield, guess how many students Aim Right is working with a week: 600! God is faithful to the Big Holy Audacious Goals in His Kingdom.

We are still walking with Caleb and Aim Right Ministries to help them continue to impact 600 amazing students in Phoenix Arizona.



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