3 Ways UYWI Transformed My Youth Ministry

I can’t thank UYWI enough for the invaluable experience I have gained through the 90 Degrees Certification Program. When I became the Associate Pastor for La Trinidad Church, one of my many tasks included leading our youth group. The first and biggest mistakes I made was that I did nothing to change the current state of our youth group. Not only did I lack the confidence to restructure our program, I also lacked the knowledge and the time. As an Associate Pastor my plate was full and my mind in so many different places. My Lead Pastor asked me to participate in the UYWI 90 Degrees Program and, against my will, I began attending the course. It’s not that I didn’t believe the course could teach me anything, but I felt this was one more thing to add to my already large and heavy work load. I am absolutely glad I went through UYWI 90 Degrees Certification Program.

  1. When I started the 90 Degrees program, my youth ministry was averaging 7 students a night and at one point we even saw numbers as low as 3 students a night. We had no plan, no clear purpose, and no direction as a team. As much I wanted to restructure our youth group, I found myself dealing with bigger issues, such as the feeling of suffocation by the work load of ministry. I lacked boundaries, vision, resources, and a clear direction of what I was called to do for our youth group. Not only has my youth ministry grown from 7 students to 45 students, we have also established a clear mission, vision and purpose
  2.  The Ministry Action Plan that 90 Degrees helped me develop has taken our entire Church by storm! Our plan has motivated our pastoral staff and ministry leaders to invest and partner with us to help accomplish our main objectives: Develop Student Leaders, Establish a campus presence at our surrounding schools, and engage our community with a heart of advocacy.
  3.  Not only has our ministry flourished because of the practical principals that were taught, but my personal life received benefits as well. My marriage has been strengthened and I have learned to draw healthy boundaries, thus eliminating my greatest fear…ministry burnout!

I can’t thank the UYWI team enough for putting together such a wonderful program. I am confident our youth group has made a significant turn for the better and I’m excited for the impact we will have in our church, our community and for the kingdom of God. This could never have happened without the lessons, encouragement, and guidance that the program provided!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Pastor Israel Velasco 2

Pastor Israel Velasco
Associate Pastor
La Trinidad Church, San Fernando, CA

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