Attendance Explodes at Manhood Camp

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Partner Blog

IMG_1592The 2014 UYWI ManHood Camp blew us away!! Over 400 young men gathered at Biola University for a life changing experience that would equip them to become the men that God created them to be. Workshops and sessions overflowed with youth eager to hear a word of hope. Too many youth are growing up in urban communities with deep “father-wounds” and desperately need to be equipped and envisioned toward a healthy view of manhood. 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes and 70% of youth in State institutions are from fatherless homes. ManHood Camp is UYWI’s initiative to address the “fatherless” issue. It is designed to help urban young men gain practical wisdom, inspiration and tools for becoming the men God created them to be. Thank you for your prayers, gifts and support that helped to bring ManHood Camp to at-risk youth in our cities.


“Thank you for a great conference. Two of the youth I brought made commitments to follow Jesus Christ. Oscar is part of our summer program and is beginning to get established with us. Last week he led our VBS and did a great job. I think he was helped by seeing so many men who were believed in Jesus. He has a long road to go but I’m encouraged by his responsiveness so far. God seems to be moving in his heart. He mentioned he really enjoyed hearing from the coach at the Manhood Camp who loved his players on the football field and he went up to receive a hug and blessing from some of the older men because he never got that from his dad. He also came away from that time with a conviction to have a plan for his life.”

“Daniel was the other student who committed his life to Jesus. Daniel is entering high school this year and feels pretty nervous. I can’t wait to further help him grow up into the person God wants him to be. I think he was also really helped by the culture of guys giving their lives for Jesus. Daniel is a very innocent and moldable guy and I am grateful that God has brought him into our fold. I really think God is giving him the gift of guidance and love through our ministry which is particularly reassuring in a context that eats up the innocent. Thanks for what you do.” Enrique Melendez

“Thank you UYWI for having the most awesome camp I have ever been to. I can’t stop talking about it to those who were not able to attend. I took my 12 year old son thinking that this camp was for him, but I was blessed beyond words can say. Before going, I was pretty cold in my walk, but I came home with a new fire for God. I have been to many men’s discipleship classes but no one was ever willing to be real and transparent. The speakers were great and encouraging. The church needs real people who love God and are not afraid to be real and show others that they mess up. Thank you UYWI. You are a blessing!” Josh Felix

“Manhood Camp was the best conference I have been to. Not religious but 100% real. We were all impacted by this event. We are a young church, but I want the team God has given me to experience ministry on a different level where everybody is working together. UYWI has been the difference for me as leader and I want to expose my leaders to the same. Thank you for being consistent and persevering!” Joe Adam


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