Set Free: What Juneteenth Means For ALL of U.S.


Today we celebrate. But we also grieve that it’s taken 156 years for African Americans to be included, truthfully, within the history of America and the American Dream. TEARS WELL UP IN MY EYES As I sit here watching the signing of Juneteenth as a national holiday, tears well up in my eyes. I think…

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How To Lead Through a Crisis


We are called to lead. When you rest in the assurance of Christ’s power over death we are reminded that we are more than conquerors. It is the Church—the people of God—that are on the frontline, and we do not back down, even from a pandemic.

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Black History Month: Breaking Down ISM’s with Shuree!

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In honor of Black History Month, Shuree breaks down the different ISM’s that affect African Americans, while also honoring significant women in history. Shuree reminds us of the significant accomplishments of Ruby Bridges, Angela Davis, Leena Horne, and Shirley Chisolm.

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