Trauma-informed care and focus on mental health in youth ministry


The Church has been a central component in the lives of youth for generations, and for good reason. As research shows, a young person’s faith can be a protective factor against negative behaviors and outcomes. However, despite one’s faith and the church, trauma-informed care is often not emphasized enough or even talked about within the…

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Graduation 2.0


Imagine running an entire marathon only to have the finish line disappear before you cross it. Was all of this running and sweating in vain? You earned that finish line, but now you are standing in the street with doubt and disappointment. Life is full of unforgettable moments, and there are certain celebrations we expect…

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6 Creative Ways To Engage Youth During Social Distancing


As we’re all figuring out what a “new normal” looks like—as our regular routines have been temporarily interrupted, this has especially been the case for youth workers in the urban context. So here are a few tips to creatively engage with youth during social distancing, that help them process this situation through the lens of the kingdom, through Christ’s Hope, Love, Peace, and Service to others.

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Navigating Financial Crisis Amid COVID-19 as a Nonprofit


We know many of you in the UYWI community are a part of nonprofit organizations. And we know that the nonprofit sector is feeling the financial pinch already, as a result of social distancing protocols. However, know that we are here for you! We are in this together and will come out stronger than before. …

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How To Lead Through a Crisis


We are called to lead. When you rest in the assurance of Christ’s power over death we are reminded that we are more than conquerors. It is the Church—the people of God—that are on the frontline, and we do not back down, even from a pandemic.

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The Importance of Being a True Disciple

Being A True Disciple

We live in a culture of contradictions. When I go to the Doctor, he’s telling me how I should diet in such a way that produces health, but I notice that he is overweight, or the politician who wants to legislate morality while living immoral, or the preacher that may preach Gospel text but refuses…

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