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Exciting Things to Share

For 25 years we have been resourcing, training and developing urban leaders like you to have a greater impact in the inner city. YOU have done incredible things in the name of Christ; and we have been so honored to walk with you, cheer you on, cry with you and support you in your work […]


Who’s Your Daddy? An Answer to a Fatherless

Who’s Your Daddy?  An Answer to a Fatherless Generation Trainer: Pastor Ralph Castillo Workshop Description: Who’s Your Daddy is a slang expression typically delivered as a rhetorical question and used as a boastful claim of dominance over the intended listener. The residue of this question lingers in films, music and sports. But for too many children, fatherlessness […]


Rescue a Generation: Principles for Effective Discipleship with Urban Youth – Jose Rodriguez

Trainer: Jose Rodriguez Workshop Description: Urban youth deal with a variety of issues daily that bombard them from every direction with negative influences. The church must do more than have a service. We must go in and rescue them out of the traps of culture through discipleship. This session will teach youth workers basic principles that […]


Managing Your Ministry – Ginny Olson

Trainer: Ginny Olson Workshop Description: Youth workers tend to be wired for relationships, not analyzing budget reports. Yet, any healthy youth ministry requires that you have both relational and administrative skills. Get tips on the basics of ministry management, like finances, risk management, planning and some great app suggestions to help you get, and stay, organized. […]


Walking Life With High-Risk Youth…

Trainer: Amy Williams Walking Life with High-Risk Youth: Mentoring Approaches and Strategies 2014 This workshop will focus on the simplicity and complexities of what it means to “walk life with a young person.” In addition to discussing creative and impactful approaches (strategies for both believers and unbelievers) the workshop will also address topics of mentoring high […]


Arts Integration: School Partnerships that Impact the Community

Study of the fine and performing arts (visual, instrumental and vocal music, dance, or theater) as a stand-alone subject or integrated into the school curriculum is increasingly accepted as an essential part of achieving success in school, work, and life. This workshop will equip participants with strategies for partnering with schools to create fine and […]


Campus Takeover: Infiltrating Schools with the Gospel

Trainer: Jerry Torrez This workshop will teach ministries how to launch an on-campus program to support the outreach efforts of your ministry and develop future students leaders for your community. In this workshop we will address the following: 1) Philosophy of Campus Ministry 2) The case for youth character and leadership-based programs; 3) Civic vs. Spiritual […]


Inside OUTreach

In this workshop you will learn the ins and outs of starting a small business focused on community transformation from the inside out. one one eight designs is a furniture company that was created to engage and transform Seattle’s Rainier Valley through our creativity and influence. our focus is bringing those in our community that […]


How do You Engage Others with God’s Word?

Illiteracy, biblical illiteracy and many other roadblocks present difficult obstacles to overcome when attempting to engage our culture with God’s Word. that is why streetlights multi-media Bible was birthed – to help bridge these gaps. through relevant and engaging formats, people of all literacy levels will be able to hear, understand, and internalize the Word […]