Exciting Things to Share

For 25 years we have been resourcing, training and developing urban leaders like you to have a greater impact in the inner city. YOU have done incredible things in the name of Christ; and we have been so honored to walk with you, cheer you on, cry with you and support you in your work in God’s kingdom.

As we celebrate 25 years, we are excited to move into a new era of UYWI. We have some exciting things to share in the coming months but we wanted to let you know about some of our new direction and how you can help that next generation of leaders coming up behind you to have even greater impact in the toughest parts of our country and cities.

We connect urban leaders to a thriving community of leaders that support and collaborate with them towards deeper impact in the inner city.


We resource and train urban leaders to be high capacity, high impact leaders through UYWI resources and training events.


We help grow urban leader’s capacity to be able to handle the difficulties of being a leader in the inner city through our 90 Degree Certification Program.


We provide NXT LVL leadership coaching to help urban leaders lead with deeper impact.


We platform seasoned leaders to have greater influence with helping others grow in their capacity and impact.


We are launching our “25 Years of Impact” campaign and we need your help. There are four ways that we ­will be asking you to journey with us.
  1. Follow us on Social Media
  2. Share your story of impact with us
  3. Sign up to use our resources
  4. Give to fund the next generation of urban leaders
We will be sharing stories and updates on the impact you and others are making in neighborhoods and cities around the nation. We want to continue this movement of multi-ethnic urban leaders seeing the Gospel change the lives of their students. Thank you for journeying with us.

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