Cornelius, Thrive Facilitator


“I believe one of the biggest needs out there is for those of us committed to serving marginalized youth to have contextualized content for urban ministry; that is, printed material that drops solid biblical-based content into the real context of urban life – helping at-risk students grow in their faith. To date – before the Life On Point Curriculum – this has been a missing piece.

I created the culture (Young Generals), but I was struggling to find content. When I heard about Thrive, I was excited because it removes two steps: deciding what the content should be and then putting it in context. I can use this material with urban kids and go right where they are in Title 1 schools. Thrive frees me up to invest time in what I’m good at: building the mentoring relationships that supports and drives youth toward the biblical principles I’m teaching. This curriculum is a great tool: it’s flexible, asset-based, content-driven, and speaks to youth with multiple learning styles. Bottom line: it is really helping me to facilitate the right conversations with the at-risk youth I serve.

WHY wouldn’t you want to help bring this game-changing program and resource to more cities and more youth? There are urban leaders out there like me who want to make an impact on youth, but they lack the resources. Thrive gives leaders who don’t have a teaching or psychology degree the tool they need to make that impact. Thrive is for the ‘runners’… They can’t do their part until someone gives them a tool to help them run the race for the youth they love and serve.

~Cornelius Williams

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