Devotional: Making the Impossible Possible in 2013

bible-horizontalThe Gospel of Luke chapter 1 is an intriguing story.  It opens with two prophetic miracles that would transform culture, the birth announcement of John the Baptist and of Jesus the Christ.  The response of Zacharias verses that of Mary are somewhat paradoxical.  Zacharias (a religious leader) upon being visited by the angel Gabriel finds it difficult to believe that God could fulfill His promise, while Mary (a teenager), being visited by that same angel cleaves to the promise made by God.  The paradox in this story perhaps parallels with what commonly happens in our story today.  The person who should have believed, finds it most difficult to believe, while the most unlikely candidate demonstrates appropriate faith.  The question to be pondered, “What areas are you finding it difficult to trust and believe that God can do the impossible?”

Like the story of Luke, the year of 2012 has been an intriguing year.  We have witnessed God do the impossible in the life of UYWI and in ministry leaders all throughout the Southeast.  Challenges such as budget deficits, health issues, or the lack of ministry resources, yet through it all God has proven His faithfulness and that He will deliver on His promises!  You heard stories like Greg Washington (City of Refuge youth director) who needed school supplies for students in his ministry up to the ninth hour and God fulfilled His promise ( 2 Corinthians 9:8).  We were fortunate to connect with leaders like Darrell Hall, who in his first three months of youth ministry, had to respond to a suicidal Facebook post from a teenager in distress.  That teenager has received the counseling necessary because Darrell was ready to respond and God kept His promise (Isaiah 26:3). UYWI helps to equip leaders with the tools necessary to respond in times of desperation.  UYWI trained leaders are literally saving lives!  We could not train and equip these leaders without your support.

As you enter the Christmas season, it is our prayer that you will enter it with a spirit of expectancy.  Expect God to show up to meet your physical and spiritual needs, but also strategically position you to meet the needs of others.  As we come to the end of 2012, we want to thank you for your support and helping us to support kingdom champions serving in the trenches to reach at-risk youth all throughout the Southeast. Thanks to you, this year we have made tremendous progress, yet there is still much work to be done. We ask that you consider becoming a financial partner with UYWI as we seek to reach more leaders that desperately need our support so that they can continue to rescue youth that desperately need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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