FERN of Social Club Misfits – This Is Me TV Doc

FERN of Billboard-charting Hip-Hop duo Social Club Misfits recently created an inspiring documentary with This Is Me TV.

Check out their description for this video below.

After signing with Sony, Fern was busted with cocaine and spent 1000 days in jail.

Devastated but devoted his family stood beside him through the 3-year sentence. But prison wasn’t where Fern found God. It was where Fern allowed God to start doing what He always wanted to do.

Upon release, Fern knew he couldn’t go back to his old ways. He had to learn to tame his pen and write a new way forward in grace. Instead of blaming anyone, he took ownership of his past and wrote his story into his music to help people make better life choices.

Fern reminds us that we become the people we choose to become. So the question is, who are you choosing to become?

Watch the doc, share it with some friends and let us know what stood out!

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