Set Free: What Juneteenth Means For ALL of U.S.


Today we celebrate. But we also grieve that it’s taken 156 years for African Americans to be included, truthfully, within the history of America and the American Dream. TEARS WELL UP IN MY EYES As I sit here watching the signing of Juneteenth as a national holiday, tears well up in my eyes. I think…

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6 Creative Ways To Engage Youth During Social Distancing


As we’re all figuring out what a “new normal” looks like—as our regular routines have been temporarily interrupted, this has especially been the case for youth workers in the urban context. So here are a few tips to creatively engage with youth during social distancing, that help them process this situation through the lens of the kingdom, through Christ’s Hope, Love, Peace, and Service to others.

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I Am Not a Democrat


Can you look past my complexion? This question is a common thought in the minds of Black Americans, from every cultural and ethnic background. Constantly considering the potential of facing discrimination, stereotypes, and the anxiety of someone else’s fear. Hoping that grace or miraculous divine intervention interjects itself in the next racially-charged situation so we…

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