Here’s what Carolina experienced at 360LA

“The weekend was full of opportunities for me and for the youth I work with. I came in to 360LA to get filled. The worship was anointed and I just allowed the spirit to work. I felt comfortable as if I was with my family. And of course it is my family in Christ! I just felt the worship alive and active. The speakers were really awesome and transparent.

I loved the Friday night speaker, Wilfredo “Choco” de Jesus. His reflection and word on the city needs a father inspired me to go out to my youth and bless them. To just trust God with what he is doing in their lives. I also enjoyed the workshops . I went to “we do’ vs. “I do’: planting together as husband and wife” the two speakers were on fire. They allowed us to interact and ask questions. They answered them with honesty and the reality of the circumstance in an urban community. I find that to be helpful because as they spoke I caught myself identifying their characters with students of mine or parents of some of the youth I work with and it gave me a platform in how to handle the situations or maintain it going. It was really helpful. I also attended many more workshops such as “owning your role as a spiritual father/mother” “the fathers invisible children: kids with special needs” I can go on and on about the workshops, they were very helpful! They gave me tools I need to go back and apply it with my youth.

Lastly I met so many people who love Jesus and are helping youth built a relationship with our creator. The environment of 360LA was so refreshing and its awesome to know you are in a room full of Christians who want to worship Jesus and grow and to do work for the heavenly kingdom. Thank you for this blessing and thank you for seeing the need of others and doing your part.“

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