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last day of Earlybird Rate for UYWI07

It’s been pretty busy at UYWI over the past week, but today is an important event in conference season; midnight tonight signals the end of our Earlybird Rate. Tonight at midnight (Pacific Time), our UYWI07 price jumps up $25 per person and Pre=Registration will continue until Tuesday May 8th (after that point registration will happen […]


just added: new workshop from UYWI06

The Missing Pieces to Your After School Program (14MB) by Wanda Parker, Lori Ybarra Christian description: Are you satisfied with the results of your ministry? What if you could get even greater results? Come discover what missing pieces may be keeping you from experiencing the ultimate results in your after school program. This is a […]

LAPD trending towards "warrior culture"

According to a recent AP story, the LAPD’s violent response in chaotic situations particularly within the last several years, shows the force’s “warrior culture.” The most recent event being the May 1st immigration rally violence, officers continue to use excessive force, even in front of cameras. read the AP article here

Special One Day rate added

If you’d like to come Friday night and Saturday for UYWI07, you can show up and pay just $75 for registration (that’s half the cost of a full registration). Friday night’s general session starts at 6:30pm, so to attend all events from that point on and Saturday costs only $75. Just show up to get […]

Friday wrapup

The Block party just wrapped up and people are going to be talking about volleyball under the lights for awhile. Attendees continue to comment on how well the speakers are (today – Soong Chan-Rah and Jeffrey DeLeon) and all of our. Several workshops packed out. Man, I gotta reference some other people’s blogs for what […]

GS 2 episodes uploaded

I FINALLY loaded the UYWI07 Audio and Video Podcast episodes for “Freedom to all Captives and Pardon to all Prisoners” General Session featuring Soong-Chan Rah. This session has become a bit controversial and I invite you to continue the dialog here as you wrestle with his comments and “the solutions” for overcoming racial barriers and […]

GS 3 episodes up

This video/audio is of Jeffrey DeLeon speaking at UYWI07’s third general session entitled “Bouquet of Roses for Ashes.” To download the audio only, click here and to download the video, click here. If you find the quality of the podcast below your standards, a higher resolution (DV) quality DVDs of the 3 first general sessions […]

hold on Saturday's GSs

We’re going to have to hold on the audio for the general sessions from Saturday (Men’s & Women’s Sessions as well as “Messages of Joy”). We will have it up eventually, but it may take a week or so and when we do, we’ll notify you from the blog.

LA Coalition dates/locations listed

John Lewis still hasn’t stopped working since UYWI07. Dates and locations hit the air today, so if you’re doing ministry in SoCal or are a John Lewis groupie (we know you’re out there), hit the location near you and network with other like-minded leaders. These gatherings will benefit you and your impact for ministry.

SoCal Peer Mentoring Opportunities

“We are providing a mentoring and coaching service to leaders, who would like to be mentored by a veteran leader in their area of ministry. If you are a youth leader, we would match you up with another youth leader. If you are launching an after school program, we would match with someone who has […]