We suffer in Isolation

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Blog, Partner Blog

“We suffer in isolation but we heal in community.” If you have ever been around Larry Acosta you would have heard these words. At UYWI we believe in this statement. What you do and who you work with can change the world. But that won’t happen alone.

There is an amazing network of Kingdom workers just like you. When we band together and collaborate on Kingdom movements we are unstoppable. Check out Sean Fenner’s story to see what happens when we CONNECT to this amazing network of leaders.

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We know you have your own story, we want to hear it and share it with our network. Your story is God’s story and it deserves to be heard. It helps us all CONNECT.

Hit us up if you have a story of how God is working in the lives of your students. Just click the link below to briefly share your story of impact and we will contact you to learn more.

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