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by | Sep 19, 2018 | Blog, Partner Blog

There is a deep sense of comfort and understanding when you have lived through something that is unique and you meet someone else who understands it. When you don’t feel the need to explain systems of poverty or why young people make bad choices. When you connect deeply with others who understand the pain of walking with young people who have been so hurt and traumatized by this world that they make choices that hurt others, including those who love them. When you have the opportunity to be a part of a community that understands your burden, one that will cry with you, encourage you, support you and cheer you on to continue your Kingdom assignment, you are able to get up another day and love these young people fiercely.  It is at that moment when you see and embrace another urban leader like yourself who does all of that for little to no pay, that you realize how crucial it is to CONNECT to other urban leaders like yourself.

UYWI exists to resource, train and develop this unique community of urban leaders who are bold enough to answer the calling of Christ to share and live the Gospel in the hardest places in our country. You are a unique part of the body of Christ. You have been called. You have engaged. You need to be connected.

We want to make sure you know you are a part of this community and that you are inviting others who desperately need this community to continue their love and care with urban youth.

We need your help to connect with us on Social Media. We need to reach those who need to be a part of this community of leaders. CONNECT is the first part of our process to help urban leaders grow their capacity and impact.

When you are connected it not only keeps you in the game, it grows your capacity and impact in your city. Check out the story of Simon and Liz and how being connected has helped them thrive.

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