Open Hands: Noemi Chavez leads Women in Urban Ministry

Noemi Chavez

OPEN HANDS: NOEMI CHAVEZ LEADS WOMEN IN URBAN MINISTRY Noemi Chavez , Lead Pastor at Revive Church Noemi Chavez’s radiant smile glows brightly when she talks about the transformative opportunities urban women leaders can access and develop through UYWI’S NXT LVL Leadership Coaching. Noemi’s nearly 30 years of service in ministry and training have helped…

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Fueling the Future

Jay English

FUELING THE FUTURE: UYWI IS DRIVING CONNECTION AND ENGAGING YOUTH LEADERS FOR CHANGE Jay English, Co-Campus Pastor at Journey Church Beach Park It was Jay English’s bright and bold personality, boisterous laugh, and deep desire to serve both the youth and youth workers of Milwaukee, Wisconsin that sparked the connection between Jay and Tommy Nixon,…

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30 Years, Decades of Impact

Larry Acosta 2007

“We believe that it is through the efforts of urban youth workers — who lead and disciple urban youth — that the tide of disinterest in following Christ will change.” 30 YEARS, DECADES OF IMPACT To quantify how many hearts have been healed, mindsets transformed and stereotypes challenged after an encounter with the UYWI movement…

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What’s Happening in the Certification Program

Certification Program Featured

The UYWI Certification program, formerly known as 90 Degrees, after a brief hiatus in 2020, relaunched in the Fall of 2021.  The program is a year-long journey for leaders and offers both leadership development and personal development designed to equip high-capacity urban leaders with key elements of effective leadership in ministry. The certification was created…

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Brave Girls

Miley Waterman

MILEY WATERMAN NXT LVL Leader BRAVE GLOBAL The CEO of Brave Global, a non-profit determined to bring the gospel to young women, specifically young women ravaged by the evils of sex-trafficking. MILEY WATERMAN Instagram – @mileswater CEO of Brave Global WRITTEN BY: Kyle Kohner PHOTOS BY: Brave Global In Luke 15, Jesus asks His disciples,…

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Fund The Future: Tamar Reyes-Fernandez

TAMAR REYES-FERNANDEZ FUEL NETWORK LEADER NORTH BERGEN, NEW JERSEY “A million young people are leaving the church, I have seen it with my own eyes; it’s like once they finish high school they finish church.” TAMAR REYES-FERNANDEZ WRITTEN BY: SUSAN TRIPI DeLANO CONTRIBUTOR   PHOTOS BY: JOSEPH RIVERA MOODY COLLEGE STUDENT ARTIST   Hey…

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Fund The Future: Tanisha Browne

TANISHA BROWNE FUEL NETWORK LEADER QUEENS, NEW YORK “Through the JQC (Jamaica Queens Collaborative). The goal is to bring holistic change to our city. Through the JQC we care, we collaborate and we connect various sectors with the church to produce holistic change in our community.” TANISHA BROWNE PHOTOS BY: JOSEPH RIVERA | MOODY COLLEGE…

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Fund The Future: Kimy Brennan

fund the future

KIMY BRENNAN FUEL NETWORK LEADER LONG BEACH “I have been a part of the UYWI network for about five years. When I became a youth director in 2019 networking became very important to help me continue to grow and learn in my role. I realize that I have to be a part of the Fuel…

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