The (Whole) Christmas Story

How many times have you heard and told the Christmas Story? The arrival of the baby Jesus prophesied to a young Mary by the Angel Gabriel, announced to a group of shepherds in a field, turned away by an innkeeper, eventually born in a manger, and then visited by wise men or kings (depending on…

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Queens Fuel Network Leader

Kevin LaPierre

KEVIN LAPIERRE FUEL NETWORK LEADER NYC, NEW YORK KEVIN LAPIERRE As the New York City Fuel Network embraces the winds of change, we are thrilled to present our newest leader, Kevin Lapierre. With a profound dedication to leadership development and kingdom work, Kevin steps into the role of Fuel Network Leader for New York, succeeding…

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Fueling The Future

Jay English

JAY ENGLISH CO-CAMPUS PASTOR AT JOURNEY CHURCH BEACH PARK “Jay English is leading the way in connecting passionate people who are ready to solve the unique challenges of urban youth ministry.” As a Fuel Network Area Director, Jay has spent the last three years collaborating with and connecting training, resources, coaching, and marketing support to…

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Do Not Grow Weary, Youth Leader

Do Not Grow Weary Thumbnail

Article By: Jordan Francis Leading people is an absolute grind. Sometimes it can feel like you are putting in a lot of work to see very little return in the physical. Im sure we’ve all asked ourselves why we chose to go into this profession or, better yet, questioning if God even called us to…

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What’s Happening in the Certification Program

Certification Program Featured

The UYWI Certification program, formerly known as 90 Degrees, after a brief hiatus in 2020, relaunched in the Fall of 2021.  The program is a year-long journey for leaders and offers both leadership development and personal development designed to equip high-capacity urban leaders with key elements of effective leadership in ministry. The certification was created…

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Trauma-informed care and focus on mental health in youth ministry


The Church has been a central component in the lives of youth for generations, and for good reason. As research shows, a young person’s faith can be a protective factor against negative behaviors and outcomes. However, despite one’s faith and the church, trauma-informed care is often not emphasized enough or even talked about within the…

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Are You an Urban Ally?

Urban Ally Featured

ARE YOU AN URBAN ALLY? Urban Youth Workers Institute “UYWI has been a game-changer. It was the reason why I was able to serve youth in crisis well, because as an urban youth leader I felt believed in and empowered. I went from attending the UYWI National Conference as a youth to becoming an urban…

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Set Free: What Juneteenth Means For ALL of U.S.


Today we celebrate. But we also grieve that it’s taken 156 years for African Americans to be included, truthfully, within the history of America and the American Dream. TEARS WELL UP IN MY EYES As I sit here watching the signing of Juneteenth as a national holiday, tears well up in my eyes. I think…

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Networking Center

Network Center Featured

NETWORKING CENTER Urban Youth Workers Institute “UYWI brought me into a community of leaders that wanted to share resources, share stories, and save generations of youth. I was on the edge of quitting when UYWI provided the energy, tools, and community to do what I love and to become better.” WILL CUMBY Instagram – @willc27…

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