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At UYWI, we want to ensure urban youth workers across everywhere are equipped not only with the tools to reach youth in urban communities, but the knowledge of the contexts and issues they are doing ministry within. From topics like gentrification, gang violence, or even quick tips about leadership, delve into our articles to become a well-informed urban youth leader, prepared for what’s ahead.

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It is easy to see how the “old guard” running the Urban Revitalization programs of the 1950s and 1960s believed that under-resourced communities were a “blight” on society to be...

FERN of Social Club Misfits – This Is Me TV Doc FERN of Billboard-charting Hip-Hop duo Social Club Misfits recently created an inspiring documentary with This Is Me TV. Check out their description for this video below. After signing with...

Leading Youth Through the Complexities of Gang Violence

We know that many of you are working "in the trenches" as an urban youth leader, in an area where gang violence is prevalent. You are on the frontlines serving,...

Will You Be My Neighbor (Powerful Spoken Word By Urban D.) "Will You Be My Neighbor" is a Powerful Spoken Word by Tampa Pastor, Tommy "Urban D." Kyllonen. Urban D.'s Mister Rogers' Neighborhood-inspired poem dropped a day before the 'A...

Gentrification – Integrating the Community

As we consider the lasting impact of gentrification on low-income minority populations in urban areas across the country, one big question remains: can gentrification be avoided? And if not, how...

Wande Drops Double Single Pack “No Limits”

Enter the world of Wande vs. Blande vibes. Reach Records artist, Wande, has dropped a double single pack titled "No Limits." In the pack, you get the singles "No Ceilings"...

Gentrification—Correlation Criminality

Written by Susan Delano In the first article of this series, we provided a macro-view of gentrification and explored its roots in systemic racial practices. Now In this article, we...

Gentrification – A Primer

Gentrification. A buzzword in real estate circles and city planning boards for the past decade, primarily in urban environments, has led to a housing crisis that is revealing economic inequality...

The Importance of Being a True Disciple

We live in a culture of contradictions. When I go to the Doctor, he’s telling me how I should diet in such a way that produces health, but I notice...

6 Things Not to Say to Someone that is Grieving

Grief, a topic we really don’t discuss very often. The work I do and I’m called to, has a whole lot of violence and a lot of death, but we...

A Place Students Bring Their Friends

The desire to reach more students can sometimes mean bigger and better events.  We may duplicate the event someone else did but doesn't mean we are being faithful to what God...