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At UYWI, we want to ensure urban youth workers across everywhere are equipped not only with the tools to reach youth in urban communities, but the knowledge of the contexts and issues they are doing ministry within. From topics like gentrification, gang violence, or even quick tips about leadership, delve into our articles to become a well-informed urban youth leader, prepared for what’s ahead.

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Networking Center

NETWORKING CENTER Urban Youth Workers Institute "UYWI brought me into a community of leaders that wanted to share resources, share stories, and save generations of youth. I was on the...
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Training Center

TRAINING CENTER Urban Youth Workers Institute "I am a Los Angeles-born powerhouse speaker, poet, husband, and father. I have shared my heart on countless stages over my ten-year career and...
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Magazine 2020

YEAR IN REVIEW "We are thankful for all that God has allowed us to be a part of during this pandemic. As you read through this magazine, cry, laugh, and...
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Brave Girls

MILEY WATERMAN NXT LVL Leader BRAVE GLOBAL The CEO of Brave Global, a non-profit determined to bring the gospel to young women, specifically young women ravaged by the evils of...
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Fund The Future: Tamar Reyes-Fernandez

TAMAR REYES-FERNANDEZ FUEL NETWORK LEADER NORTH BERGEN, NEW JERSEY "A million young people are leaving the church, I have seen it with my own eyes; it's like once they finish...
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Fund The Future: Tanisha Browne

TANISHA BROWNE FUEL NETWORK LEADER QUEENS, NEW YORK "Through the JQC (Jamaica Queens Collaborative). The goal is to bring holistic change to our city. Through the JQC we care, we...
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Fund The Future: Kimy Brennan

KIMY BRENNAN FUEL NETWORK LEADER LONG BEACH "I have been a part of the UYWI network for about five years. When I became a youth director in 2019 networking became...
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What if I told you that there’s a massive mission field just waiting for you and your team to plug into? What if there were a way for you to...
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We at UYWI held a lament a few weeks ago with some of our black brothers and Sisters. We poured out our lament and many of you watched. Now we...
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Graduation 2.0

Imagine running an entire marathon only to have the finish line disappear before you cross it. Was all of this running and sweating in vain? You earned that finish line,...
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Dear American Church, is Diversity in your DNA?

Diversity and inclusion have become a popular topic of discussion across all segments of life. Whether it’s gender equality in school sports, the wage gap, or racial inclusion we still...
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How To Have A Transformative Mentoring Conversation With An Urban Teenager

Can a conversation really make a difference?  Michael Freeman writes about the power that one conversation can have on the trajectory of a young person’s life. What if you and...
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