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At UYWI, we want to ensure urban youth workers across everywhere are equipped not only with the tools to reach youth in urban communities, but the knowledge of the contexts and issues they are doing ministry within. From topics like gentrification, gang violence, or even quick tips about leadership, delve into our articles to become a well-informed urban youth leader, prepared for what’s ahead.

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What if I told you that there’s a massive mission field just waiting for you and your team to plug into? What if there were a way for you to...
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We at UYWI held a lament a few weeks ago with some of our black brothers and Sisters. We poured out our lament and many of you watched. Now we...
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Graduation 2.0

Imagine running an entire marathon only to have the finish line disappear before you cross it. Was all of this running and sweating in vain? You earned that finish line,...
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Dear American Church, is Diversity in your DNA?

Diversity and inclusion have become a popular topic of discussion across all segments of life. Whether it’s gender equality in school sports, the wage gap, or racial inclusion we still...
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How To Have A Transformative Mentoring Conversation With An Urban Teenager

Can a conversation really make a difference?  Michael Freeman writes about the power that one conversation can have on the trajectory of a young person’s life. What if you and...
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How to care for oneself during COVID-19: Practical steps for Pastors & Christian Leaders

This article was originally published by the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College and republished with permission from the author. Infectious disease outbreaks, such as the one currently unfolding, can...
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6 Creative Ways To Engage Youth During Social Distancing

Two months ago, COVID-19, popularly known as coronavirus, was once nothing more than a blip in the news cycle. But today, much of life is temporarily on hold. With the...
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Being Asian American in the Midst of COVID-19

This article was originally published on and republished with permission from the author, Grace P. Cho. Grace is the (in)courage Editorial Manager and has also served as a workshop...
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I Am Not a Democrat

Can you look past my complexion? This question is a common thought in the minds of Black Americans, from every cultural and ethnic background. Constantly considering the potential of facing...
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Precaution & Preparation or Panic: Faith with action, over Fear

As of 10:04a.m on the 20th of March Johns Hopkins is reporting 14,250 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 205 deaths. (Update: as of March 25th at 6:30p.m. Johns Hopkins is...
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Navigating Financial Crisis Amid COVID-19 as a Nonprofit

We know many of you in the UYWI community are a part of nonprofit organizations. And we know that the nonprofit sector is feeling the financial pinch already, as a...
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Q & A: Darius West, Kingdom Minister & Director of ‘MIC-DROP’

Leading up to the debut of UYWI’s newest podcast, “Monday Morning Church,” UYWI guest writer, Susan Tripi DeLano sat down with Darius West, Kingdom Minister and director of the upcoming documentary, “MIC DROP: The...
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